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NETWORK SGP VENTURES has started with a great beginning and truly, it has been a remarkable journey thus far as a CALL CENTRE (BPO) TECHNOLOGY and DIGITAL PLATFORM systems integrator better known as BPO DIGITAL SERVICES for many industry sectors in EUROPE / THE MIDDLE EAST & SOUTH EAST ASIA.

As per our customer friendly business model which we deploy among our clientele, our efforts in capturing the market share within the region has progressed tremendously well and we thrive forward in offering the best within all deliveries.

At NETWORK SGP VENTURES and its diversified partner network, we aspire to lead and be the preferred CALL CENTRE (BPO) TECHNOLOGY and DIGITAL PLATFORM systems integrator in the region as NETWORK SGP VENTURES has emerged in many information technology related projects delivered thus far.

Going forward, NETWORK SGP VENTURES will play a greater role in taking the business to the next level. It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming more business partnership and targeting towards evolving technologies and faster innovation.

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